[Ciracle] Mela Control Whitening Cream 50ml

$25.90 $31.00

Mela Control Whitening Cream will improve the appearances of dark spots,
puffiness and lines with an innovative and rich moisturizer.

Mela Control Whitening Cream is needed if
You have dark spots on your skin and want to remove it.
You want bright and fresh skin.
You are looking for skin whitener cream with moisturizing function as well.

Get the best skin whitener cream of Ciracle and be fabulous with perfect skin.
Your skin is sensitive so that it can easily get tired, dry and dark.
Many people with busy carrior has been release thier worries for their skin with this skin
whitener cream, Mela Control Whitening Cream. Here is the best solution for your exhausted skin.
Say goodbye to your darkened skin with Mela Control Whitening Cream.

1. Apply it on the face using your fingertips after cleansing and toning.
(Applying at PM is more effective)
2. Apply it with Sunscreen protection in day time.

- Each person may have different effects.
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