[JM Solution] ReLeaf Mild Acidic Wormwood Toner Pads 140ml (70 Pads)

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It contains 70% of mugwort leaf extract as it is, and makes it smooth with daily soothing care.
A slightly acidic formula close to healthy skin makes the skin smooth and balanced.
Delivers a healthy weakly acidic formula to gently care for the imbalanced skin balance.

2 Way pad fabric is used to help with soothing daily care.
It contains a generous amount of essence for more gentle soothing.
It quickly soothes and moisturizes sensitive or sensitive skin.

Remove the sealing paper before use. Take out one pad at a time with the built-in tongs. At the first step of skin care or the last step of cleansing, gently wipe the entire face except around the eyes in the direction of the skin texture. The waffle side is wiped around the areas where skin waste tends to accumulate, and then wiped again with a soft side for a cleaner finish.

TIP : Use it as a daily spot pack by putting it on your skin as needed.

Each person may have different effects.
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