[too cool for school] Artclass Artistry C Curl Lash

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Artistry C Curl Lash is a lightweight but powerful curling mascara that is water and sweatproof.
Artistry C Curl Lash is a mascara that vividly curls the eyelashes and sets for an all day curl. The product contains C curl fiber, that curls your eyelashes immediately when applied. You may experience the effect of using an eyelash curler by using only this mascara. It is smudge-proof, water, and sweat proof. The brush was created with delicate strands in two different lengths to define eyelashes precisely without clumping.
1. Apply the mascara carefully from the root to the end of the lash, and thoroughly set your desire curl.
2. Apply multiple layers of mascara to effectively coat the lash with the C curl fiber, and complete the look with dramatically curled eyelash.