[MIZON] Collagen Eye Gel Patch 60EA (90g)

$32.90 $39.00

  • Collagen: Intensive care for hydrated spot skin with marine collagen. Hydrogel eye patch that helps to restore skin, reduce wrinkles, and maintain resilient, youthful skin.
  • Water-soluble, gel-type eye patch with enriched, high quality collagen ampoule: Reacts to the skin temperature to deeply absorb into the skin and provide nutrients, moisture, calming, and resilient effects on the skin.
  • High-Adherence: Gel-type eye patch with great moisturizing effects and adherence: Soft application as well as instant cooling and lifting with great moisturizing effects and adherence.
  • Marine Collagen, Caviar Extract, Allantoin, and Panthenol to retain resilence, help skin recovery and restore skin tissue.
  • Light Texture and NO Stickiness: Hydrating jelly type that retains moisture forming skin moisture barrier.

Each person may have different effects.
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