[Goodal] Apricot Vegan Collagen Cream 50ml

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-RESTORE PLUMP, FIRM, YOUTHFUL SKIN : Get ready to greet youthful skin with our new vegan Apricot Collagen Cream. It’s the anti-aging remedy you’ve been looking for to help your skin become firm, plump, and smooth.

- GENTLE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES : Made with clean ingredients with no added fragrance. Its rich texture and gentle formula helps nourish your skin instantly along with giving you a brighter and moisturized complexion without leaving a sticky residue.

- MADE WITH VEGAN COLLAGEN : We created a unique Apricot Collagen Complex thanks to the exclusive patent we have that contains 70% fresh apricot extract.

- SMOOTH AWAY FINE LINES AND WRINKLES : The Apricot Vegan Collagen Cream helps your skin prevent collagen breakdown and fights back against fine lines thanks to powerful antioxidants and amino acids found in fresh apricots. Your skin will feel smooth and soft in as little as 4 weeks.

- GET NOURISHED MOISTURIZED SKIN : Your skin will instantly feel its nourishing hydrating properties due to our vegan collagen complex technology, which is known to penetrate the skin deeper than animal-derived collagen. It’s the hydrating and smoothing nourishment your skin has been waiting for.


After cleansing in the morning and evening, prepare the skin texture with toner, then apply it on your face and neck.

Each person may have different effects.
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