[GRAYMELIN] Eggplant Ampoule 30ml

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- Excess sebum control
- Skin texture improvement
- Sebum Control & Pore Tightening
- Skin Soothing & Strengthen Skin Barrier
- Suitable for all skin types

Graymelin Eggplant Ampoule 30ml for oily skin and large pores. Use this formula for many uses. Eggplant Ampoule Solve skin problems intensively on the spot with 70% rice bran ingredients to help brighten the skin tone. Add moisture to the skin to bounce full of water. Comes with extracts from eggplant to tighten pores. Make the skin smooth, adjust the skin balance and help reduce excess oil. It also helps to create a protective shield for the skin to be stronger as well. The texture of the ampoule is clear, light, absorbs quickly and is very soothing to the skin. Regular use helps keep skin smooth and clear. pores smaller Face is not greasy during the day.

[How to use]
After facial cleansing, drop an appropriate amount of Graymelin Eggplant Ampoule, gently massage over the face.

Each person may have different effects.
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