[dasique] Cream de Rose Tint (8 Colors) 3g

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  • The 8 rose spectrums inspired by roses that bloom and wilt in the course of nature. Embrace the rosy ambience spreads creamy like velvet.
  • The formula, as thin and light as a flower petal, spreads smoothly on the lips and expresses vivid color with a single touch.
  • The powder in the formulation soothes lip wrinkles and dead skin cells to complete smooth lips as if they were blurred.
  • Officially certified vegan product from Italy's V-LABEL, which excludes animal-derived ingredients and does not test on animals

01 Nudy Rose : Nudy beige color resembling an autumn mood
02 Rose Cream : Soft and calm rose beige color with a drop of pink
03 Dreaming : A lovely cool tone light pink color that brightens the skin tone
04 Redwood : Dried rosy, calm MLBB rose color
05 Fuchsia : Pink rose color with a drop of raw rose color added
06 Ruby Jam : Cool-toned ruby red color with refreshing feel
07 Crimson : Purple plum red that brightens the face
08 Classy : Intense and sophisticated deep red color

Using the tip, apply as if filling in from the inside of the lips. After applying a small amount on the inside of the lips, blend it naturally to create a gradation lip.

Each person may have different effects.
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