[MEDIHEAL] Tea Tree 100 Oil 10ml

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- Made with 100% tea tree oil grown in pristine Australia, a single drop provides a powerful soothing effect.
- Contains high content (40%) of highly concentrated 4-terpineol extracted from only the key soothing ingredients of tea tree to quickly soothe irritated fatigue.
- With a fresh and light formula, stickiness is quickly absorbed and effectively soothes skin concerns.

[How to use]
It is a spot product, not an oil used on the entire face, so apply a small amount on a cotton swab only on sensitive areas of concern.
* Because it is a spot-only product, excessive use of the entire face is absolutely prohibited.

-This is a multi-care oil that can be used anywhere that needs soothing. Add 1-2 drops to your usual lotion or cream.

Each person may have different effects.
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