[AESTURA] Regederm 365 Repair Signature Cream 50ml

$43.50 $51.00

Skin energy cream that helps improve skin vitality

It is an intensive care cream that strengthens skin resistance from external harmful factors to improve tired skin while relieving skin stress to maintain skin health.

- Fluffy chestnut type formulation like ricotta cheese
- It spreads softly and thickly and adheres well to the skin and forms a protective film on the skin by giving a non-sticky finish even after absorption.

[How to use]
Gently spread over the entire face from the inside to the outside of the skin texture, and pat lightly for absorption.
- Apply thickly at the last step as night care.
-Signature cream's nourishing protective barrier helps the skin vitality and vitality the next day.

Each person may have different effects.
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