[BELLAMONSTER] Pore Out Solution Pad 70EA (Watermelon Pad)

$18.50 $22.00

Watermelon pads filled with watermelon seed oil that gently curls tired pores provide a sense of cleanliness and concentrate on the loose pores that are quickly absorbed into the skin.
Of all the seeds in the land, watermelon seed with the highest protein content is a very high nutrient that has been used in Africa for many years.
It has excellent calming effect, which makes the skin glossy and very safe for baby products.

Clarifies and shrink pores
Cools and refreshes the skin
Moisturizes with watermelon seed oil

After washing the face except the corners of the eyes, wipe the entire face thoroughly and gently in the direction of the face's face, and pat gently to absorb it.

1. Makeup doesn't take and gests in a lump Retouch makeup slightly by wiping with Bellamonster pad.
2. Simultaneous care of dead skin cell and moisturizing even to your body including back, heel, etc on dead skin cells form easily.
3. When refrigerated, maximized the cooling sensation of xylitol and reduce the skin temperature.