[BELLAMONSTER] Sensitive Care Solution Ampoule 30ml (SeaWeed Ampoule)

$19.90 $24.00

The ampoule containing Brown algae, Fukuidan and Beta-glucan is designed to soothe sensitive skin, moisturize it deeply, prevent moisture evaporation, and also strengthen the skin's natural strengths.
The ampoule is based on 84% brown algae, which perfectly soothe the skin and saturate it with vitamins and minerals.
Fukuidan (a substance contained in algae and protecting their tissues from damage) ideally retains moisture inside the skin and strengthens the protective barrier.
Beta-glucan is a powerful moisturizing component that easily penetrates the skin and also stimulates the distribution of moisture.
Madecasosid help eliminate irritation and restore skin.

1. Turn the cap in the right direction and open it.
2. Auto Spoil is an auto-sport that automatically charges the contents when the cap is turned.
3. Spread the appropriate amount of the contents gently.