[Benton] Goodbye Redness Centella Gel 100g

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Goodbye Redness Centella Gel



Benton Goodbye Redness Centella Gel contains 80% Centella Asiatica Extract and relieves the stress of irritated and tired skin. The gel helps skin to regain its strength while leaving skin clear.

Ingredients tell the quality, not the brand name or price.

A healthy and natural recipe excluding 20 harmful and controversial ingredients, volatile alcohol, PEGs, silicones from the very beginning of the product planning

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  • 80% Centella Asiatica Ingredients
  • Skin Soothing & Protecting
  • Fully Hydrating & Nourishing, Soothing Gel Cream
  • Vitalized Healthy Skin
  • For All Skin Types Including Damaged Skin
  • Healthy Recipe without Harmful Ingredients

Goodbye Redness Centella Gel


Goodbye Redness Centella Gel


Goodbye Redness Centella Gel Mildly acidic pH

  • Mildly acidic pH where the skin feels comfortable.
  • Mildly acidic pH is similar to the pH level of healthy skin.


[ Non-sticky, moisture type texture ]




1. Prepare face with toner after cleansing.
2. Apply a suitable amount and spread evenly onto face, softly pat until absorbed.
3. Finish off by applying lotion or cream to areas that need extra moisturization.


Using Sequence & Tip

Goodbye Redness Centella Gel
Aloe BHA Skin Toner

Goodbye Redness Centella Gel

Cacao Moist and Mild Cream

Goodbye Redness Centella Spot Cream

Please apply from the most watery product to the least watery product.