[BY ECOM] Heartleaf Purifying Mask 120ml

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Verkäufer Ballagrio



Wash-off creamy type of mask which cares your skin specially to soothe the skin.
Eliminate pore-dogging impurities.
Wash-off mask instantly soothes and purifies pores of sensitive skin to restore clear, bright skin with radiance.
Offer powerful pore cleansing for impurities and sebum care with France Green Clay and 5 kinds of naturally derived powder, leaving skin clean and refreshed.

[How to use]

1. After washing your face, take the appropriate amount of the product.
2. After 5-10 minutes, you will feel the mask dry. Rolling it over on the area where the pore and the sebum is concerned.
3. Wash the mask off with the sponge.


-Each person may have different effects.
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