[CHICA Y CHICO] Nude Fantasy Whitening Cream (2 Typen) 55 ml

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Um eine helle, gleichmäßig getönte Haut zu erzielen, verwendet diese leichte Creme einen einzigartigen Komplex auf der Basis weißer Blüten, der aus 8 verschiedenen Blütenarten sowie Niacinamid, Reisextrakten und Titandioxid besteht, um die Haut mit Feuchtigkeit zu versorgen, zu verwandeln und ihr einen strahlenden Glanz zu verleihen.

Nach dem Toner auftragen.
Eine kleine Menge verwenden und auf das Gesicht tupfen. Klopfen Sie die Creme ein, bis sie vollständig eingezogen ist.

Jede Person kann unterschiedliche Auswirkungen haben.
※ Alle gekauften Artikel aus unseren Angeboten werden aus Südkorea versendet.

Customer Reviews

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Amy G.
not for me but for me

I bought this knowing it would be useless for me during the day because my skin tone is too dark for this until I really blend it in to my skin; however, I bought it for the ingredients and use it as a night cream. when I wake up in the morning, my skin looks so healthy and feel so soft, and you only have to use a very small amount. if you’re black and you’re not worried about looking grey when you go to bed, I would definitely recommend this product. the whitening effect is temporary so you don’t have to worry about ruining your beautiful dark/tan skin tone

Genevieve e.
Magical Cream

This is my magical cream since I have a very bad skin

Life less,and tired looking skin but this cream give my skin instantly glow,And also i like the smell very mild,this is my favourite cream ever I want to buy more..

Nancy M.
Very Good and effective!

I’ve been using this whitening cream almost everyday day and night and I noticed how my acne scars started to fade! This whitening cream really does its job! 😄

Shehani S.A.
skin gets brighter and brighter

this amazing product makes my skin brighter and brighter.. lovely and comfortable wearing!


THIS IS MY MOST FAVORITE BRIGHTENING CREAM!!! i have tried different whitening skin highlighters. the coverage lasts ALL DAY!!! i have purchased many jars to stock up. this is perfect for sensitive skin and is compatible with melasma and rosacia. the scent is very light. this cream leaves a matte finish and is not sticky. leaves a beautiful, even-skin toned, neutral, snowy glow. the white concealing pigment in this delicate cream is not too sheer and a preferably desirable benefit than foundation or bb creams. i get many compliments on how pretty my complexion is. i don't think the function of this cream is to lighten your skin over time. however it's function is to mainly give a radiant under and over tone for flawless coverage. for me, this brings out the brilliance of an ideal perfect, milky, fair, healthy skin. i wear this cream knowing that i'm enhancing my pure, beautiful skin instead of coating my face with expensive, heavy, oily, contouring foundations... i am a confident, loyal customer. THANK YOU, YESSTYLE for supporting this trusted, inexpensive, highly sought after product... <3 <3 <3