[DEWYCEL] 7 Lifting Mask Pack 16g*4EA

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✔Content 1times use⏱30minutes, Upper▫Lower sheet 16g
✔11,400 Real cells offer perfect lifting care to the nonelastic face
✔Elasticity care✖Wrinkles careDermatologically Tested!
✔Dermatologically Tested!

✅This face mask, due to its hydroceltex fabric, may not stick to the skin so well if you apply skincare products before using it. It is recommended to use after washing and fully drying your face. The mask's gel type texture, rich in hyaluronic acid, can be a very effective hydrating booster for your skin.

[How to use]
Morning and evening after cleansing, use the essence in the next step.

1. Remove the film on the back
2. Place the mask on the bridge of the mose while holding it in place with two fingers. And gently pull the mask up and apply it to the forehead. Remove it after 30minutes.

A. There are upper A side and Lower B side on back.
To remoce the film, pull the A side sideways slowly.
B. Place the mask around the mose first.
While holding the mask in place, carefully apply the mask to one cheek, pulling up and towards the ear.
Do the same for the other side.
C. After making sure the mask is tightly applied, remove the film of lower B side and pull the mask up along the chin line.
Remove it after 30 minutes.

Each person may have different effects.
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