[Dr.Jart+] Ceramidin Body Scrub 200ml

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Softly and moistly. This is a moist scrub which softly removes old dead skin cells.

Soft. Smooth. A moist scrub to gently peel off old skin : For dull, dry, flaky skin! This cream type scrub infused with 5-layer Multi Cera invigorates skin with natural fine granules of walnut shells and apricot seeds, bringing your skin to a new level of smoothness.

The perfect fit for your body, 5-layer Ceramide : Dr.Jart's 5-layer Multi Cera takes professional care of your body moisture by combining 5 ceramic complexes optimized to body skin texture.

OK for sensitive skin! : Tested and proven gentle and effective on sensitive skin.

Grain Scrub + Cream Massage Mild double care for a sleek body!
- Cream Massage : The smooth cream type scrub infused with 5-layer Multi Cera moisturizes and massages at the same time.
- Mild Scrub : This professional body exfoliator enhances with the 3 natural scrubs (walnut shells, apricot seeds and almond powder) gently exfoliating and smoothing your skin even in the rough areas.

1. Squeeze an appropriate amount on your palm.
2. Use the product all over especially on rough, dry areas.
3. Rinse thoroughly.
TIP : Apply cream scrub and wait for 1 minute before gently rubbing. Leaves skin smoother and softer.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Really nice body exfoliator, made my skin really soft, recommending

Constanza C.E.

Wirklich schönes Körperpeeling, hat meine Haut wirklich weich gemacht, zu empfehlen