[Dr.jart+] Cicapair Cream 50ml

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The power to be born again Dr jart cicapair Recovery Cream

Sensitive Skin
The power to be born again! Strong Recovery Cream

Rest and repair solutions for irritated skin Improving epilepsy, epilepsy, stinging and sensitive skin
It is highly concentrated recovery cream.

Amazing soothing effect of centilla extract
Soothes sensitive skin and nourishes skin's natural strength.
It is a green power that restores your skin to health.

Completely tested for skin and skin irritation

Soft creamy green high-concentration texture
-> Gently peeled when touching the skin, applying Hug Ellaoma technology
The absorption rate has been strengthened.

Liquid crystal emulsion technology similar to skin lipid
It is absorbed deeply into the inside.

The cream that remains on the skin with double barrier technology has a close feeling
Forms skin barrier to provide lasting rest and repair

[How To Use]


Apply on clean skin after basic skin care.


Softly massage on irritated skin.


Complete the treatment by lightly tapping for better penetration.

* Best results when used during morning and night as last step of skin care process.