[Dr.Jart+] Re-Cover Cream 55ml

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[ Description ]

Cicapair Recover Cream 55ml

Dr. Jart’s advanced technology helps to soothe sensitive and tired skin resulted from stress and external stimuli. Centella asiatica ingredients complex care skin trouble, chlorophyll, mineral solution and panthenol strengthen natural skin force.
Herbs complex and Strawberry leaf extracts alleviate skin irritation and protect the skin from external harmful stimuli and environment.
Green-to-Beige color change texture represents healthy skin by covering the skin turned red due to stress.
Formulated WITHOUT Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates
Direct from South Korea, Authentic Korean Product.

[ How To Use ] 

- Apply proper amount gently spread onto the irritated and sensitive skin at the last step of morning and evening skin care routine.
- Helps the skin absorb wrapped in the palm of your skin