[Huxley] Conditioning Essence Reframe 60ml

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  • A moisturizing and conditioning first essence with organic fermented cactus filtrate packed with essential hydrating and anti-aging nutrients.
  • Specially developed by Huxley, low molecular weight fermented cactus filtrate excels at absorbing water and delivering nutrients deep within the skin. The low pH formula optimally conditions skin to better absorb and retain moisture from products applied in later steps.
  • Huxley ferments organic Moroccan cactus stem in a natural, eco-friendly process to produce small water-soluble molecules excellent at absorbing and retaining water. Similar to hyaluronic acid, the fermented cactus filtrate is easily absorbed by the skin and provides superior moisture retention.
  • The natural fermentation process releases essential flavonoids and proteins that provide excellent anti-aging and antioxidant benefits. Huxley paired fermented cactus filtrate with Cactus Ceramide NP complex to provide essential fatty acids to protect and strengthen skin.
  • With a semi-viscous formula thicker than most toners, this a perfect low pH "first essence" that replaces or complements your toner.

1. After Cleansing, apply a few drops of the essence on to the face and pat until fully absorbed.
2. If you like to use a toner, allow the toner to absorb completely and then apply the conditioning essence after.
3. You can layer the essence multiple times on dry areas to help keep skin moisturised for longer periods of time.
It is a first essence product that is used in the 'first step' of skincare.
Apply an appropriate amount all over the skin and tap to absorb it.
Especially in dry areas, if you layer it several times, it lasts for a long time.
If toner is usually used to wipe the skin by putting it on a cotton pad, use toner after then use conditioning essence.

Each person may have different effects.
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