[innisfree] Green Tea Seed Skin 200ml

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Beauty Green Tea, Your New World of Hydration After 10 years of dedicated research by innisfree in the pristine island of Jeju, Beauty Green Tea leaves has been cultivated purely for skin hydration, which is different from the one made for drinking. innisfree Exclusive Ingredient Upgraded formula with the new Beauty Green Tea, developed exclusively for innisfree skincare products after a study on 2,401 varieties of green tea leaves. New Level of Hydration The seed oil creates a moisture barrier while the Freshly Squeezed Green Tea 2.0™ restores moisture to your skin, relieving the tightness of dry skin. It also contains 2% panthenol which protects your skin barrier against external irritants.


Its usage can be customised for different skin types. - For Dry Skin Gently pat on some toner to achieve smooth and hydrated skin - For Oily Skin Wipe it gently on oily skin for a lighter finish. * This product contains green tea seed oil, so it may show a condensation phenomenon (whitish floating matter) at low temperature. The phenomenon is not caused by the degradation or contamination of the product, so it is safe to use.