[Manyo Factory] Marine Energy Spa Ampoule 50ml

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Refreshing moisture energy as if falling into the sea!
The three-layer moisture layer system holds the moisture that flies away.
Moisture density increases firmly from the depths of the skin with the abundant moisture energy of the sea!

No silicone oil added : Using the silicone oil into the water products. Moisture is only for a while, and it dries again after a while. Please do not place a silicone skin and are comfortable using a moist and creamy ampoules both outside and inside.

Precious ingredients of the sea, Marine Complex : The essential minerals, rich in nutrient-filled water energy. It breaks the vicious cycle of dryness.

Three layer system with no gap to dry :
1 Layer hydration : Marine complex fermentation ingredient, carbonated water moisturizes the skin and cares for dead skin cells and pores!
2 Layer moisture storage savory filling into the skin moisture moisture density UP!
3 Layer moisture protection Hyaluronic acid and ceramide prevent moisture loss to keep you moist for a long time.

Ulleungdo Deep Ocean Water : The body's mineral balance and contains a similar deep ocean water! More than 70 kinds of mineral-rich permeate into the skin quickly and nutrition is ssokssok, moisturizing UP!

The crystal containing the life of the sea : This patented moisturizing ingredients seaweed and yeast fermentation filtrate moist moisture to the skin.

Take an appropriate amount and apply evenly according to the skin texture, then tap lightly for absorption.

Each person may have different effects.
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