[moremo] Scalp Shampoo Clear And Cool 500ml

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Scalp Clinic for Damaged Scalp
Essential shampoo for only scalp care

1. Phytoncide 5-complex for scalp purifying
Cedar, rosemary, and chamaecyparis obtusa extract, provide rich nutrition.
2. Protein complex for hair cair
Hydrolyzed silk, keratin and other protein components care for damaged hair.
3. Natural salicylic acid for scalp scaling
Winter green leaf extract cleanses scalp wastes.
4. Contains patented ingredient for scalp protection
A patented ingredient that calms scalp troubles(*Patent No. 10-091047)
5. Essential scalp care and wastes cleansing
A variety of natural extracts and wastes removal ingredients are effectively combined to help fundamentally improve scalp troubles.
6. Silicone / Paraben / Sulfate 0%
It does not contain any ingredients that can cause problems remaining in scalp and hair, so it helps to make hair and scalp comfortable.
7. Scalp calming care and hair protection
The ingredient that lowers the heat on the stressed scalp and essential protein for hair protection care for your scalp and hair comfortably and safely.

[How to use]
Wet your hair and scalp thoroughly with water, apply an appropriate amount and make bubbles, apply it to scalp and hair, massage for 2-3 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.
* For the health of your scalp, please rinse with water not too hot.

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