[SOME BY MI] Clear Spot Patch 18pcs

$6.25 $9.99

  • Try to use the spot patch to recover your acne scar!
  • Effective for the trouble spot since it is translucent patch and has water resilient possibility to protect the scar.
[How to use]
  1. Take off one patch from the package and put on the needed area.
  2. Clean the wound and let it dry completely.
  3. Separate the patch from the film (protective paper) and attach it to the wound.
  4. If the patch on the wound swells white because of the exudate retention, replace it.
  5. Paste the affected area once or several times a day.


Hydrocolloid Adhesive Tape 0.39mm (10mm x 9ea + 12mm x 9ea)