[Beauty of Joseon] Dynasty Cream 50ml

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It provides ample moisture to the skin through a dense and firm texture unique to the Beauty of Joseon cream for gently radiant skin.

As luxurious and pampering as it sounds, this facial moisturizer is enriched with nourishing hanbang (traditional Korean herbal medicine) ingredients like ginseng and rice water to moisturize, brighten and tighten skin. Ginseng has anti-inflammatory properties that calm skin and is well-loved for its ability to help reduce signs of aging. The brightening and smoothing effects of rice water aid in fading dark spots over time.

The ultra-gentle formula is great for sensitive skin and helps strengthen the moisture barrier so skin stays hydrated longer. The unique, slightly tacky texture absorbs quickly and leaves skin with a dewy, bouncy finish.

Honey extract, ceramide, and squalane lock moisture in without oiliness, while providing additional calming benefits. These ingredients help even texture and also boost collagen production for bouncy, glowing skin.

Apply proper amount of this cream on your face at the last stage of your skincare routine. Pat with your fingers to aid absorption.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Packaging was neat and each product was wrap nicely in paper. No damage to any of the box / products and it came in great condition. Products are authentic with the sealed intact.


This is my Holy Grail moisturizer and I have no idea what I'll do if it ever gets discontinued! I keep trying cheaper moisturizers to see if I can find a replacement, but I always come back to this one.

Maïlys B.

Just received it today. The shipping was superfast. My skin felt really smooth after using it. I'm very pleased with this purchase. Will probably repurchase unless it breaks me out.