[rootree] Mobitherapy UV Sun Shield SPF 50+ PA++++ 60g

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  • Sunscreen is absolutely the most important part of a skin care routine. We can use the latest technologies and ingredients, if we don’t protect ourselves from the sun every day, the best care won’t help us.
  • The sun is the part of our everyday life that damages our skin the most, ages it and causes skin problems. It is responsible for irritation (sunburn), pigmentation and dehydration. Especially when you consider that the UV exposure is getting stronger from year to year, it is the most important to protect the skin accordingly. The face in particular, often gets the most sun in everyday life.
  • The “Mobitherapy UV Sun Shield” was developed for this purpose in order to offer the skin the protection it needs. This protection combines the following main components:
  • Sudachi – a citrus fruit with a high vitamin C content that prevents pigmentation, is antioxidant and protects against sun damage. Niacinamide – brightens dark skin, reduces melanin production and thus prevents future pigmentation. Titanium Dioxide – UV protection suitable for sensitive skin and even children. It is important for a sunscreen that it protects against UVA AND UVB rays. This sun protection covers the entire spectrum.
  • SPF 50 against UVB rays (these mainly cause sunburn) PA ++++ against UVA rays (these accelerate the aging process). Sunscreens tend to be heavy and greasy, but this one is light, quickly absorbed, suitable for the body and face and can also be used under make-up without any problems.

Use in the morning as the last step in the care routine on areas that are exposed to the sun.
As a guideline, two finger lengths (index and middle finger) of sunscreen should be used for the neck.
In order to maintain the full protection of the sun cream, the sun protection should be applied approx. every 3 hours if you are exposed to high UV rays.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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janelle r.D.
for normal to dry skin

i never skimp on the amount of sunscreen i apply to ensure i have enough coverage. remember, it has to be about 2 finger breadths (see photo). i've experienced pilling when i do esscence, serum and moisturizer prior to the sunscreen. so i find that it helps when i use it as a moisturizer/sunscreen.

please come back in stock!

It's so hard to find a good SPF you can trust! It definitely is a very moisturizing sunscreen for me, as I have combo oily skin, I only use it on my cheeks and neck to get a dewy look. Best of all it's cruelty free and vegan. It does have a VERY calming gentle scent to it, the relaxing kind! I would love to see this back in stock :(

Justine G.

The sunscreen is amazing! It glides on smoothly onto the skin it absorbs fast. No white cast whatsoever and it also smells good. It’s great for oily skin right now in the winter. I also love the smell not strong.

Excellent for back of hands

I recently faded some dark spots on the back of my hands. This cream is excellent for preventing their return. I use it first thing in the in am.

Everyday sun protection for everyone!!!

I must've bought more than 30 different kinds of sunscreen products for my "picky" kids. They don't like it too tick or too greasy or too smelly or just because. But this is just AWESOME! It has a very mild scent and light texture that you can almost wear it on your palm and grab your handle on your car 😁 and I believe it is so mild you can use for babies! I have been using shiseido suncare products for a while but no more! This is way better quality and price! Wish if they and subscription savings 😉 I have to have it all the time!