[ELROEL] Pang Pang Big Sun Cushion UV Shield SPF 50+ PA++++ 25g

$27.50 $35.00

This 25g large capacity product has triple effects (Wrinkle, Whitening, UV protection) which help make beautiful skin by effectively blocking UV rays and cooling down the skin burned by the sun.

It contains 400,000ppm of aloe vera leaf juice to soothe irritated skin and contains 5 vitamins and 10 herbal extracts to provide skin recovery effects. In addition, the cooling ingredient has been upgraded by 200%, allowing for cooler and fresher sun care.

Moisturizing lasts for 38 hours and instantly decreases the skin temperature by 4.7 degrees, and the 7-proof (UVA, UVB, Sand-proof, Sweat-proof, Activity-proof, Fine dust, Blue light) effects perfectly protect the skin against various external stimuli.

Take an appropriate amount, spread it evenly on the face and gently pat the skin to fit the product. Reapply the product several times if necessary.

Each person may have different effects.
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