[NACIFIC] Fresh Herb Origin Toner 150ml

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Calendula, the best infredient given by nature, and ultra-nourishing toner with calendula extract.
Calendula flower water maintains a proper balance of water and oil on your skin, and effectively soothes and highly nourishes your skin.

Contains everything of calendula
- Calendula flower, water, brewed by tincture method, is a highly-concentrated extract full of nutrients, which helps soothe and moisturizes your sensitive skin.

Point 1 Deeper with tincture method
- Thicture method extracts the components of an ingredient drop by drop with water and ethanol for more than 2 weeks. It helps produce an extract in higher concentration and provides more moisture.

Point 2 Sepicalm for the antioxidant activity
- Sepicalm VG, a patented component with a mixed natural water lily extract, has soothing and antioxidant effects and helps boost skin elasticity.

More special skin care with toner wash.
One of the recommended ways of using a toner
1. After washing your face, mix two capfuls of the toner with about 500ml of water.
2. Wash your face, several times with the water mixed with the toner.
3. There is no need to rinse if off. Pat your face lightly to let remaining toner absorbed.

More special skin care with Fresh herb origin line
- Use along with a serum and a cream for clearer and greater effects.

Clearly and lightly when applying first to the skin
- Great to use as a pack by soaking cotton pads in the product or wiping off residues.

Fresh herb origin toner
- Smoothens the skinand clearly removes remaning skin wastes.
- A patented antioxidant component 'Sepicalm' for soothing and anti-aging effects.
- Functional product for brightening and wrinkle reduction.

1. Wash skin wastes off thoroughly with the cleanser.
2. Take an appropriate amount on a cotton pad and gently wash your skin with it.
3. Pat your face lightly with your hands to let it absorbed.

Each person may have different effects.
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