[NEOGEN] Calming Cica Tree Micellar Cleansing Foam 200ml

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NEOGEN DERMALOGY A pink cream-type cleansing foam that creates a rich, fine foam to gently cleanse away pore impurities and keeps skin hydrated without it feeling tight.

Micellar-structured fine bubbles gently cleanse away waste and makeup residue, and a slightly acidic formula containing cica complex and tea tree leaf oil soothes irritated skin and keeps it moisturized.

Acidic cleansing water with perfect acidity

This cleanser helps skin balance its pH levels and minimizes irritation. It also helps to gently cleanse sensitive skin and protects skin barrier by forming hydrating moisture layers.

Moisturizes skin with hydrating soothing ingredients

Centella asiatica, tea tree, azulene, and zinc protects and soothes skin from environmental agressors. Panthenol and 8 types of hyaluronic acids provide moisture-deprived skin with hydrating effects.

Clean, refreshing cleansing with Micellar Water

The lyphophilic tail absorbs impurities of makeup while the hydrophilic head remains to create a moisturizing layer. The micellar water cleanses any base makeup and eye makeup at once, infused with hypoallergenic peeling ingredients PHA and LHA to exfoliate and soften skin texture.

Dispense an appropriate amount of product on the palm of the hand and create a foamy lather by adding a small amount of water.
Gently smooth the foam over your face and cleanse using a massage-like motion.
Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.