[numbuzin] No.6 Deep Sleep Mask Serum 50ml

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Offers intensive moisturizing and firming effects of mask sheets to treat extremely dry, flaky, dull skin.
Improves the skin condition overnight to ensure a revitalized complexion for the next morning.
Hydrates the skin from the inside out with Glacier Water instead of Purified Water, restores radiance and firmness of the skin at once.
Its highly concentrated watery texture forms a moisture barrier on the skin and leaves a non-sticky finish.
Each number of serum represents the answer to solve your skin problem.

1. Pump 2-3 times of the product and apply it on the entire face.
2. For optimal results, apply a little amount for the first layer and add another layer afterwards.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Megan H.
Amazing Serum!

I bought this serum on a whim after watching a girl on YouTube talk about it. I did read a few reviews before ultimately purchasing-and all of them were saying how fantastic this product is….and let me tell you. IT IS! I have oily, acne prone skin that gets triggered from anything really. I have a good skincare routine that has helped calm that down-and adding this serum has been the icing on the cake! My skin looks glowy and healthy, and a lot more evened out.

I use this serum before bed and I put a lightweight moisturizer on top to seal it all in. This combo doesn’t feel heavy on my skin and I wake up looking great! If you are unsure on this product-I say just get it!

Willow G.
One use and I’m SOLD.

I purchased this product after watching one YouTube video. It was totally an impulsive purchase but totally worth it. For the price point you were getting luxury moisture for your skin. I noticed a difference the very next morning after the first use. I am definitely buying more products from this brand.


Received the items well packed with free gifts .. Happy with the purchase ..


It is moisturizing but at the same time it does not feel sticky on the skin. I think it is a perfect moisturizer if you plan to put on a lot of makeup. Did not see any irritation on my skin even though I have a very sensitive skin. ❤👍👍👍


Satisfied with this product, after waking up the next day my skin is very soft!