[Shingmulnara] Oxygen Water Waterproof Sun Cream SPF 50+ PA++++ 80ml

$21.50 $30.00

Extremely strong 5-fold proof & strong UV protection in any extreme situation

Optimized for the outdoors
5-layer proof sunscreen

SUN of Strong wall that does not collapse even in water, sweat, seawater, sand, and violent exercise
- Protects the skin from UV rays for a long time, even with external irritants.

Silky feel texture
- Fresh texture without stickiness
- The unique heaviness and tightness of the waterproof sunscreen is zero.
- It gently spreads onto the skin without being sticky for a fresh finish.

Safe for sensitive skin
- Shingmul waterproof sunscreen with less burden on the skin to provide tight protection against UV rays even during various outdoor activities

Shingmul Nara Waterproof Sun Cream is sticky and not stiff.
- It is smoothly applied to the skin and is easy to apply, providing a soft, refreshing and pleasant finish without stickiness.

Take an appropriate amount at the last step of basic care and apply evenly to areas that are likely to be exposed to UV rays.

Tip! When washing, please take care of the 2nd cleansing more meticulously

Each person may have different effects.
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