[SHUADAM] Real Centella Sleeping Mask 80ml

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Centella leaf has become a popular ingredient in skincare since it has been studied to have a great effect on skin protection, calming effect, and maintaining moisture.

Beyond simple moisturizing care, it improves the skin environment and helps the skin condition quickly as if it is sound asleep.

The end of a tiring day! “All Night” at once 11 p.m. to 2 a.m. is the golden time for skin! For tired and tired skin during the day, finishing the day is important! You don’t have to wash it off. You can put a lot on your face before you go to sleep.

Recommend it to these people.

✔Anyone who wants skin care that can be done every day without any burden?

✔Do you have sensitive skin?

✔Anyone who wants to calm skin irritated by external activities

✔Anyone who wants to get tired and tired skin.


1. After washing your face cleanly, use toner to tidy up your skin.

2. Apply evenly all over the face except for the soft eyes and mouth. Dissolve the real Centella leaves in a round massage with the tip of your hand.

3.Rinse lightly with water the next morning.

Each person may have different effects.
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