[AESTURA] Regederm RX Lifting Capsule Cream 50ml

$63.00 $105.00

  • Evolution of ingredients creates a unique formula : A power-lifting capsule that awakens saggy skin; The patented AESTURA capsule has evolved further. The elasticity effect has been upgraded by adding a patented peptide.
  • Contains 61.2% of Derma Active Collagen: A powerful combination of 4 types of collagen and adenosine provides rich and firm elasticity to the skin.
  • A high-nutrition capsule cream that gives you a feeling of elasticity the moment you apply it, and the rich nourishment remains on the skin even after application, taking care of the skin as if it had received esthetic care.

Take an appropriate amount, apply on the skin, and tap lightly for absorption.

Each person may have different effects.
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