[AROMATICA] Vitalizing Rosemary Decoction Toner 300ml

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Clear skin care · Skin vitality · Rejuvenating · Moisture care

  • The Rosemary Decoction Toner is a fresh moisturizing toner formualted with rosemary extracts, produced right here at AROMATICA. Designed to quell exhaustion, the refreshing properties of rosemary and aloe vera will also aid in evening out skin texture while providing calmess to the skin and mind.
  • Natural Vitality of Rosemary : Rosemary's revitalizing and antioxidant effects refresh fatigued skin and mind, and the light water formulation hydrates skin for a vibrant and healthy complexion.
  • Moisturizing Duo of Rosemary and Aloe : Aloe vera quickly delivers moisture to the skin while rosemary builds a moisture barrier for a smooth complexion.
  • Deep Moisturizing Care Without Irritation : A lightweight daily toner. After cleansing, apply to the skin to rehydrate. Layer with moisturizer, or apply as a skin pack to maximize its hydrating effect and restore moisture balance.

Apply a moderate amount of cotton pad or hand to wipe along the skin texture, or gently apply all over the face to soothe irritated skin.
When you need refreshing hydration without heaviness, layer it 3-5 times immediately after washing your face to moisturize with tea tree.

Each person may have different effects.
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The toner texture is really light and with nice rosemary smell.