[CATRIN] Natural 100 Derma Sunkill Mineral SPF 46 PA+++ 12g

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Only 10 safe ingredients 100% natural minerals : FREE of oils, talc, artificial coloring, and other harmful substances with only ten, 100% natural mineral ingredients. Anyone of any age can use this powerful sunscreen without concerns about ingredients or irritation.

A bare, natural look : The sunscreen sets transparently without any white residue so anyone achieve a worry-free, natural look!

Worry-free oil control for even troubled skin : The natural mineral powder absorbs excess sebum and oil on the skin to achieve a fresh and supple complexion, while offering sun care!

Derma Sunkill Mineral's moisture compression system : The plate-type mineral molecules compress the moisture in your skin to protect the level of hydration and achieve a long-lasting dewy look.

No stickiness! Supple complexion!
1. Water and oil balance : Controls sebum to reduce excess oils and shininess on the skin, for a long-lasting supple complexion
2. Moisture setting : The hydrated mineral molecules trap moisture into the skin to maintain long-lasting hydration.
3. Skin-fit, fixed coverage : The soft micro powder molecules fix completely onto the skin to create ironclad defense against UV rays & harmful substances!

STEP 1 : Twist the upper lid in the counter-clockwise direction and pull up on the upper lid to open. (Contents may spill if the upper and lower cap open at the same time, so please hold and twist only the blue upper cap.)
STEP 2 : Tap the puff sufficiently onto your hand and the contents will gradually disperse.
STEP 3 : Sweep the puff across your face or body to evenly spread the product.

Each person may have different effects.
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