[innisfree] Brightening Pore Sleeping Mask 100ml

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  • A non-sticky daily use whitening functional sleeping mask that forms a moisture barrier during the night and makes skin surface soft with moisture + brightening + pore skin elasticity care Moisture + Brightening + Pore Skin Elasticity Care with Jeju Hallabong.
  • Contains Hallabong bark extract to keep skin clean and elastic and to care for blemishes for brighter skin. Synergies of Triple Vitamin Derivatives Vitamin B3 derivatives concentrate on melanin, vitamin C derivatives and B5 derivatives keep skin healthy and deliver moisture rich in hyaluronic acid.
  • Softly moisture rapid filling and temporary pores convergence It is quickly absorbed by the soft feeling, soothing the skin and making the rough skin supple.

At the last stage of the evening foundation, take an appropriate amount, gently break the white capsule with your finger, massage and absorb it. The next morning your face will feel moisturized and soft.

Each person may have different effects.
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