[KAHI] Extin C Balm 9g

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  • 26% of British Vitamin C : Applying vitamin C directly to the skin absorbs 20 times more than eating. EXTIN C BALM has a small molecular weight, and it is absorbed into the skin faster.
  • 3 Step Melanin Care : The freckles spread to about 36 neighboring dead skin cells by one melanin and gradually spread to the skin. From visible freckles and blemishes to hidden freckles deep in the skin, feel 7 changes in skin with 3 step melanin care! (Step 1 Protect against melanin stimulation - Step 2 Control melanin production - Step 3 Prevent melanin expansion)
  • No more vitamin C that you put on your hands every time you apply it. Use EXTIN C BALM stick as it is. Compact size in one hand can be quickly managed anytime, anywhere.

Turn the stick around to raise an appropriate amount and apply it gently to the concerned area as if massaging it. It is recommended to use on the C zone area. It's not sticky and light, so it's okay to apply it over other cosmetics.

Each person may have different effects.
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