[Lador] Dermatical Hair Loss Shampoo (for Thin Hair) 530ml

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Supply nutrients to weak scalp and fragile hair prone to breakage.

Functional Anti-hair Loss Shampoo

- The anti-hair loss shampoo filled with the best ingredients which are able to help relieve signs of hair loss

Soft and Mild Cleansing
- Mild cleansing with fine and dense foam.
- Does not include surfactact of sulfate range. Allow hair to maintain in low pH environment without irritating hair and scalp.

Intensive care for thin and weak hair
- provide nutrients to hair and scalp without causing irritation
- intensive care for weak hair, creating voluminous hair

[Recommended For]
1. Thin and weak droopy hair
2. Thin hair prone to breakage and lacks elasticity
3. Hair falls off excessively on a daily basis
4. Those with itchy and flaky scalp.

[How to Use]
1. Wet hair with warm water and take an adequate amount of shampoo
2. Form bubbles and massage into hair and scalp thoroughly
3. Massage and wash throroughly with lukewarm water.

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Customer Reviews

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I really love this shampoo besides leaving my hair smelling like mint it cleanses it and leaves my hair feeling soft. I will always use this shampoo.