[medicube] Deep Collagen Vita Multi Balm 11g

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Rejuvenating & Luminizing balm
2sec swipe-and-done! Quick and easy care
Multi-function, brightening & plumping! Improve multi-wrinkle, smile lines, crow's feet, and neck lines and brighten multi-spot

Instant and deep rejuvenation with a scoop of radiance and luminance on your skin.
Triple Collagen Complex and 15% Vitamin C to help improve skin elasticity and hyperpigmentation on areas of concern
#Smile Lines #Crow's Feet #Neck Lines #Luminizing Glow #AnytimeAnywhere

Super effective and simple Multi Serum Stick
  • Point 1. Multi-care : Helps to fill in fine lines and lighten spots. medicube's know-how for lines, freckles, and hyperpigmentation care all in one stick.
  • Point 2. Luxurious Glow on your skin : Clinically tested and proven to improve skin radiance, texture, and moisture levels.
  • Point 3. Super simple stick-type : "Portable Serum in your pocket." Highly effective application, whenever and wherever.

Apply it on smoothly and gently in circular motion

Before makeup - Moisturize for natural looking glow
Apply smoothly all over face during final step of skincare routine. This will provide a moisturizing glow to dry and lacklustre skin.

During makeup reapplication - Luxurious glow on point zones
Lightly apply to target zones such as forehead, nose bridge, cheekbones and other body parts to enchance makeup and gain a luxurious glow to the face.

For a smoother and more moisturizing application, slightly melt multi balm with body heat by applying it first to the back of your hand.

Each person may have different effects.
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