[Pyunkang Yul] Moisture Serum 100ml

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The perfect balance between oil and moisture!
- Maintains the skin's oil-moisture balance and prevents the evaporation of hydration for a longer lasting dewy effect
- Hypo-allergenic
- Barberry root extracts work to reduce the temperature of your skin to soothe sensitive, irritated skin
- Olive oil offers an intense hydration effect and prevents your skin from becoming dry

[How to use]
1. Use the spoid to measure out an appropriate amount of the serum
2. Apply whilst following the lines of our skin.
* Tip: Apply a little extra to particularly dry regions of your skin

Customer Reviews

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The product does what it says but the dropper does not work. I have to shake the product onto my hand to use.


Fantastic moisturizing product great for a day if you don’t want to use heavier moisturizer or underneath another moisturizer

Great but...

Not sure if I would describe this as a serum as it reminds more of an emulsion consistency. It does soak into the skin quite quickly like a serum though. The dropper is really useless with how thick the "serum" is because I would have to do multiple dips and squeezes to get a little product out. It does feel like an extra boost of hydration, but I wouldn't say it's helpful for very dry or normal skin.