[Heynature] Intense Serum 8 35ml

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Deeper-level hydration for skin that needs extra care Unlike products that offer superficial moisturisation that often leave skin still dry and dehydrated, Intense Serum 8 delivers dehydration quickly and ensures long-lasting moisture.
This refreshing and luxuriously smooth serum penetrates quickly into skin to restore a softer, suppler and glowing complexion.

[How to use]
After cleansing, apply sufficient amount of Intense 8 Toner onto cotton pads.
Swipe pads across the face gently, starting from the center of the face outwards, following face contours.
After toning but before the application of any cream product, pump 1 to 2 times to dispense appropriate amount of Intense 8 Serum.
Then apply onto face directly and gently spread them out onto face evenly and pat onto skin.

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