[NACIFIC] Fresh Herb Origin Cream 50ml

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Triple layer moisture technology for faster absorption and thicker chamomile moisture layer.
Meet origin Moisturizing Cream, which is absorbed smoothly into the skin with triple layer technique, effective for hydration and anti- aging.

Sweet and refreshing chmomile
- Hydrates dry skin, relieves and soothes dlicate skin.

Triple Layer moisturizing
1. Tertiary final defense oil layer
- Prevents skin damage and oxidation due to free radicals and external pollutants and keeps moisture and nutrients from evaporating to the outside
2. Secondary moisturizing layer
- Forms a skin moisturizing barrier to hydrates the skin immediately for skin protection.
3. Primary skin friendly layer
- Forms liquid crystals to allow active ingredients to pass through quickly and generates a skin friendly protective layer.

Sepicalm for the antioxidant activity
- Sepicalm VG, a patented component with a mixed natural water lily extract, has soothing and antioxidant effects and helps boost skin elasticity.

Moisturizing and elastic
- The cream with a gooey texture is absorbed to keep the skin moisturized, refreshing and smooth.

More special skin care with fresh herb origin line
- Use together with a toner and a cream for clearer and greater effects.

Moisturized without stickiness
- Helps protect your skin and keep it smooth and supple.

Fresh herb origin cream
- A patented antioxidant component Sepicalm for soothing and anti-aging effects
- Triple layer technique for quick absorption
- Functional product for brightening and wrinkle reduction.

1. After washing your face, use a toner to smooth your skin.
2. Take an appropriate amount and spread smoothly on the face and neck.
3. Pat your face lightly to let remaining toner absorbed.

Each person may have different effects.
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