[Lador] ACV Vinegar Hair Cap 30g X 5EA

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Quick and Simple specila care
Refreshing vinegar hair cap for dmaged hair.

cleaner scalp and glossier hair with vinegar hair cap of similar pH with hair.

A.C.V hair cap turns weak and lifeless hair due to frequent hair procedures to glossy hair filled with nutrients.

- Healthier hair and scalp with vinegar care
Formulated acid base apple vinegar that helps hair and scalp maintain at a healthy pH level, also protecting hair from damage.

- Soft and glossy hair
A.C.V hair cap is rich protein nutrients and formulated with Yeast Ferment Extract. Hair becomes softer and glossier after use.

- Natural looking voluminous hair.
Maintains hair's water and oil balance, keeping hair healthy, shiny and voluminous.

[Recommended for]
1. Damaged hair due to use of heat styling tools
2. Extreme damaged hair due to frequent hair coloring/ perm
3. Bushy and dry hair with a lot of static
4. Rough and dull hair.

[How to Use]
1. After shampoo, towel dry hair and group hair together towards top of head.
2. Remove backing film behind stickerm wrap cap aroung head from the back grouping all hair together, fix cap aroung the head tightly and stick sticker onto cap
3. Lightly massage hair from outside of hair cap allowing nutrients to be absorb into scalp and hair. After massaging, leave in for another 10 to 15 minutes then wash thoroughly with lukewarm water.

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