[Lador] Keratin Power Glue Keratin Ampoule 15ml*3EA

$13.00 $18.00

Lador Keratin Power Glue Keratin Ampoule is a new type treatment that is absorbed into hair without washing off. It contains 3 powerful protein + collagen + snail slime. It provides powerful keratin for damaged hair

- Proteins absorb into frizzy and damaged cuticle
- Allows intensive moisture, protein to be quickly absorb into frizzy and damaged hair, providing effective and immediate care for damaged hair that lacks protein after perm or hair coloring procedures

[Recommended for]
1. severely damaged hair from frequent perm and coloring
2. Those that do not have extra time for hair care
3. Those that want fast and effective results
4. Those that want multiple effects with one product.

[How to use]
1. Dry hair after shampoo
2. Apply an adequate amount onto hair with hands
3. Does not need to be rinsed off, use anytime 24hours a day.

- Each person may have different effects.
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