[Lador] LD programs 01 200ml

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Makes hair healthier by creating with LD/PRE protein, supplements heavy.

Combines with damaged cuticle Contains collagen and keratin ingredient which combine
with hair cuticle to make rough status clean and smooth.

▶ Improves hair by used twice a week Intensively supplements oil protein, so it does not have to be used
every day. Hair is improved by using the product for only twice a week.

▶ Protects moisture loss Betaine and trehalose ingredients of this low-irritant moisturizer prevent the moisture loss of irritated hair.

▶ Gives hair firmness Combines with protein included in LD/PRE, creating a bridge inside hair to make it heavier and firmer.

[How to Use]
1. Leave your hair alone naturally for 5 minutes and without rinsing it off, apply 01 on it right away.
2. After applying 01, put your hair on heat treatment for 10 minutes, leave it alone naturally for 5 minutes (please keep the time), and wash it off with warm water.
3. (Important) Please dry your hair with a cold wind.

- Each person may have different effects.
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