[AMPLE:N] Centel Calming Shot Ampoule 30ml

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- Contains 2,500 ppm of Centella stem cell (calus) culture that comforts skin.
- Sensitive skin regardless of dry, oily or combination skin type
- 3 Stem cells are extracted and processed 3 times to increase the content of active ingredients.
- Centel Calming Shot Ampoule for Sensitive Skin Responsive to Small Stimulition
- High concentration of centellar stem cell (calus) culture solution was created by grafting thickening technology to contain a truly active ingredient. Contains soothing ingredients.
- Contains patented Calming ingredients for sensitive skin.
- Healthy prescription, 6 ingredients FREE By selectively excluding six ingredients, sensitive skin was considered once more.
7 types paraben / benzophenone-3 / clophenesin / synthetic pigment / synthetic fragrance / ethan

[How to Use]
Apply the appropriate amount on the next step of the toner and pat it all over the face for absorption.

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