[Secret Key] V Lift Up CC Cream SPF 50+ PA+++ 30ml

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1. UV rays protection SPF50 / PA+++ : It doubly protects UV A and UV A with SPF50 / PA+++ to prevent skin damaging from strong UV rays. It's a very handy product for make up because you do not have to apply sun cream separately.

2. All-in-one cream (CC=COMPLETE CREAM) : It's a perfect all-in-one cream for inside and surface of the skin which gives you the same effect as basic care and make up effect at once.

3. High functional skin care solution : Functional ingredient for whitening(albutin) & Wrinkle care(adenosine) and complex ingredient consist of 7 extracts good for moisturization quickly infiltrate into skin and balances moist level of dry skin. It's also a high functional skin care for aging care with certified ingredient of whitening & wrinkle care by K.F.D.A.

4. Skin care for skin tone and skin flaws at once : It whitens varicolored and darkish skin tone with various color capsules(black / red / yellow) and those capsules mix themselves and become natural skin color B.B. cream and covers your skin flaws and make your skin clean and smooth.

5. Tight and ultra skin elastic care : It tightens up the loosen and inelastic skin stimulated from external environment with ingredient of hydrolyzed collagen, nicotinoyl dipeptide-23 and cornellia flower extract.

6. 5 Free System : No paraben, mineral oil, benzophenone, animal oil, alcohol. We excluded all the skin harmful ingredient and it's safe to use on mild skin too.

At the last step of skin care, gently spread over the entire face along the skin texture.

Each person may have different effects.
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