[WellDerma] G Plus Silver Peptide Ampoule 30ml

$25.50 $30.00

  • Peptide elastic essence for your skin unlike yesterday : Highly concentrated silver elasticity ampoule and peptide complex is a dual functional ampoule with whitening & wrinkle improvement that regenerates the lost skin elasticity and provides a smooth, firm, and glowing skin.
  • Intensive elastic care system : Five-peptide complex penetrate into the skin's dermis layer to help improve elasticity and prevent aging and provides intensive skin care for lax skin.
  • The intensive elastic care system of six-peptide complex blended in the optimal ratio and silver ingredient strengthen a skin barrier and gives you firmer elasticity from the skin.
  • * The green color of G Plus Silver Peptide Ampoule is that of natural ingredients. As time goes by, the color can change markedly due to aging, but it's a natural phenomenon so you can use it with confidence.

Please arrange your skin with toner after washing your face, take the suitable quantity out of the product, and spread it on the whole face evenly and dab it gently so that it can be absorbed.

Each person may have different effects.
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