[CHICA Y CHICO] One Pick Skinnycara 2 Types 3g



- Skinny Brush
Ultra slim skinny brush is perfectly fitted from the roots of eyelashes to even hidden eyelashes and makes the eyelash curl up without lumps on the eyelash.

- Strong Curve Fix System
It fixes eyelash after curling them using an eyelash curler because POWERFUL GEL FORMULA provides perfect curling and strong adherence and powder and silica material improve its affinity.
2mm fiber gives natural long-lash effect!

- Makes Under And Upper Eyes Clean
Water 0% Waterproof mascara which minimizes smudge caused by sebum, tear, and sweat by adotping waterless texture.

- Safe Mascara Which Does Not Contain Harmful Meterials

#01 Fixing Volume
The volume fixing mascara which makes defined eyelashes like a doll with the ultra slim skinny brush shich diameter is 2.5mm.

#02 Fixing Curling
The curling fixing mascara which makes natural girlich eyelashes with the triangle skinny brush which diameter 3.5mm.


1. Curl enough with an eyelash curler.
2. Apply the brush closely to the roots of the eyelashes and pull them up in a straight line.
3. Fill in the under lashes thoroughly with a brush.

Each person may have different effects.
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