[AROMATICA] Aloe Hy-ffective Serum 30ml - 40% Hyaluronic sol. + 1% B5

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The foundation of healthy skin is moisturization—have you been searching for a truly moisturizing serum that solves the problem of inner tightening? Introducing the moisturizing concentrated serum that strengthens the core moisturizing power of skin by packing the deep areas of skin with moisture.

Organic aloe, which effectively calms skin, and Hyaluronic Acid, which is one of the three main ingredients (Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Elastin) that make up skin’s structure, were packed into a single bottle! The hydro aquaporin ingredient (Glyceryl Glucoside) helps open the moisture channel in skin in order to fill the deep parts of skin with moisture. The *five Hyaluronic Acids build a moisture barrier in skin to boost skin’s moisturizing strength for denser moisturization.

Don’t miss out on moisturization!
The high molecular Hyaluronic Acids draw in moisture and keep it from evaporating, with *Panthenol (=B5) filling the gaps of skin barrier to help firm up and moisturize skin.

Hyaluronic Acids feel cakey?
The AROMATICA Aloe Hy-ffective Serum gently adheres to skin without caking even with several applications, and skin's firmness can be felt while patting the serum over skin with the hands.

Replenish skin's moisture and have smooth, moisturized skin with the moisturizing Aloe Hy-ffective Serum.

[How to use]
Take an appropriate amount of Aloe Hy-ffective Serum, which gently adheres to skin without caking even after several applications, and pat to promote absorption.

Each person may have different effects.
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