[BAD SKIN] Collagen Bomb Hydrating Ampoule 400ml

$38.90 $46.00

- It is a big ampoule that contains the mix of 85% of hydrolyzed collagen and 5 kinds of hyaluronic acid. It packs tightly the collagen in your skin and makes your skin more
elastic and moist.

- With pure prescription of all ingredients that are EWG 1~2 grades and have no synthetic fragrance it can achieve moisturizing + nourishing + wrinkle
improvement at once without irritating the skin.

- The collagen bomb hydrating ampoule used only components of 0~2 grades based on the safety standards set out by EWG a credible environmental group in the
United States.

- Alkalinity eliminates the skin protection and makes it easy for foreign matters and bacteria to penetrate. With a low-irritant and slightly acidic prescription of pH 5.34 similar to the skin it is absorbed gently without skin irritation.

After cleansing take off the appropriate amount and absorb it. After it is completely absorbed apply a collagen bomb ampoule again.

Each person may have different effects.
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